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Juan Williams has been declined as a commencement speaker in 2017 graduation ceremony because of plagiarism found in his article for “The Hill” in 2013. Juan Williams is a Fox news presenter and a journalist. He was going to give a speech until later on his candidacy was denied by the faculty members.

Students’ Voices Matter

Williams’ candidacy decline was confirmed by a college spokesman Tom Yencho. He also explained that the college is“continuing to work toward developing a more streamlined and collaborative selection process, which we anticipate to have in place by the end of this semester.” The reason for that is the pressure of the majority of the students who wanted another person to give speech instead of Mr. Williams.

A serious decision of a chancellor’s speech at the University of California was declined as well due to the students who wanted him to apologize for injuries caused by the police calming down on the protesters in 2011 who were the students’ of university and lived on the campus.

A Committee Investigation

After reviewing Mr. Williams’ career, a skeleton was found in a cupboard, his sexual harassment case was highlighted in a Washington Post, as well as plagiarized parts found in the article for “The Hill”. He commented on the plagiarism case as an inadvertent phenomenon blaming his researcher who gave Juan a text that he used as a summary. So, he took that at face value that plagiarism was unintentional. The main point was Juan’s reaction who denied any sexual abuse, commenting that was just “attempts at being friendly”, yet later he apologized. As for the plagiarism accusation, it was more about lack of attribution, and “The Hill” updated the article under suspicion.

College Staff Opinion

Jonathan Marks, a professor of politics at Ursinus College, has his own opinion regarding a ticklish situation saying that Mr. William’s reaction to his blots is not the best one, and it lacks strength to take responsibility. So, a person irresponsible to his actions is not a good example to follow.

As it appeared, Juan Williams is on familiar terms with a college president, that ‘s why it was more about his decision to assign Juan Williams to be a commencement speaker than a committee decision. Later on, Michael C. Marcon resigned after facing criticism on Twitter.

A famous person plagiarism accusations are not rare, even a president may be caught plagiarizing.

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