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Mustapha Marrouchi,  a renowned cultural critic and a professor of English literature was dismissed after plagiarism accusations. The University of Nevada Las Vegas plagiarism case . became public soon after the fact about plagiarism of 18 books was revealed. Mr. Marrouchi’ scientific interest is postcolonial theory and he wrote about Edward Said, the founder of postcolonial studies as a separate field. Mustapha Marrouchi is an eminent author of books like “Signifying with a Vengeance”, “Edward Said at the Limits”, “The Fabric of Subcultures” and many more.

Results of the Investigation

Mr. Marrouchi was accused of “serial plagiarism” that was found in his books, articles and critical works. The accusation came from Lori Olafson, the executive director of research integrity, and Robert Leonard who investigated Mustapha’s works. The source of plagiarism was mainly the works of London Review of Books. The things that Mr. Marrouchi did was a change of words of British and American origin. The main writers he plagiarized from are John Updike, Salman Rushdie and Edward Said.

University’s Committee Decision

Later on, a Committee of the University of Nevada Las Vegas voted for Mr. Marrouchi’s dismissal. The decision is described at its best by Tony Allen: “Allegations of research misconduct and/or misconduct at UNLV are taken seriously, and reported violations are promptly and thoroughly investigated under the policies of the university and the Nevada System of Higher Education. At the same time, UNLV honors the due process protections extended to our employees by state and federal law, and Board of Regents’ policies.” As it appeared, Mustapha plagiarised while being a student at university and working at Louisiana University.

Previous Mustapha’s Plagiarism

The story with Mustapha’s plagiarism intentions is far more deeper than it seems. After terrorist attacks in Paris, he wrote an article where he revealed the topic of Prophet Muhammed cartoons, saying that too much freedom that allows to draw such cartoons, leads to an aggressive reaction in the Muslim world. He believes that the problem has always taken place, and the reason of Parisian terror could be explained by the group of people who followed Salman Rushdie, a British and Indian novelist, who wrote “The Satanic Verses” where he showed he showed the difference in Eastern and Muslim culture. The Muslims reacted and the Iranian government issued a fatwa, a religious Order saying that Muslims have a right to kill Rushdie. The fatwa was recalled.

The thing is, no matter how Mustapha accused Rushdie and his followers, he stole Rushdie’s memoir of India and brought to Algeria.

This case of a professor’s punishment is not the only one, and the architect dean was dismissed as well.

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