university of canberra plagiarism scandal
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Arthur Marshall Hoyle, the former law lecturer at the University of Canberra, was accused of raping a student and sexual harassment to 5 others. He was found guilty by a jury in the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory after a thorough investigation.

He used to invite students to his office and discuss the results of their essays, and at that very time he accused students of plagiarism in their papers. In order to “prevent” them from being alleged of academic misconduct that may lead to their expulsion. After an attempt to kiss them, a professor asked students about the ways of dealing with plagiarism in their essays.

After evidence consideration, the jury resolved that Mr. Hoyle raped one student, threatening her essay become as a subject of plagiarism suspension, and as it was her third time when she couldn’t pass a subject.

He also invited another student to his office at the university and showed pornographic pictures.

Trent Hickey, the prosecutor who read a case in the court, questioned a student who became a victim of the lecturer striving for her sympathy. Mr. Hoyle showed her the photo, saying that pornographic picture looked good. After that a student felt that he wanted her: “It made me feel one hundred percent sure that he wants me to do something with him”. After that instance, she told about everything to her parents, boyfriend, and one teacher at the university, asking for a piece of advice to behave in such an intricate situation. So, the girl wrote to the faculty head.

Earlier, the victim student confirmed that she failed business law course, and had a second attempt. She admitted that she didn’t know the answer to the question, so she decided to peep into the other boy’s notes and re-phrase sentences.

The Outcome of the Incident

The university officials snatched lecturer’s laptop and brought to police for investigation. The university is concerned about moral and physical health of the students. Thus, they did everything possible to make a provocative situation public.

The Final Judge’s Decision was a well-grounded one. The judge Michael Elkaim resolved that raping a student was a very serious misconduct, and announced his decision: “It’s difficult to imagine a more serious offense, putting aside murder, than the rape of a student by a lecturer and there are two counts that fit in that description”.

The cases when professors become alleged of plagiarism are numerous like the ones happened at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, although students’ sexual assaults happen rarely. 

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