Cheating at the Ohio State University: 85 Students of the Veterinary Faculty Were Disciplined

Where is the line between cheating and collaboration? This question arose after the cheating scandal which involved 85 veterinary students at the Ohio State University. The students were implicated in “unauthorized collaboration on take-home assignments” as it was said in the statement made by the Ohio State University. This scandal also affected other 650 students…

plagiarism in harvard university

Plagiarism In Harvard University: 125 Students Accused Of Cheating On The Final Exam

In 2012 Matthew B. Platt, an assistant professor, delivered lectures on Government 1310: “Introduction to Congress”, the course designed especially for Harvard students and Harvard Extension School. It was an unusual exam. Actually, there were four take-home exams supposed to determine the final grade. Students weren’t allowed to discuss the exam with other peers, but…