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Anthony Hamlet, Pittsburgh Public Schools director plagiarized some phrases in his speech in 2016. He was hired to obtain a position of School Director, and was to replace Linda Lane, after her decision to step down after 5 years of school management. The most feasible reason is Mrs. Lane’s retirement.

Mr. Hamlet started his career in Florida as an educator, and behavioral specialist. With years he obtained many management positions like Dean, Assistant Principal, and Principal. He proved effective management, and facilitated learning environment. He is also many times prize winner like Principal of the Year in Florida.

A Crucial Plagiarized Phrase in Speech

Anthony Hamlet’s school management was successful until plagiarism was found in his speech as well as a plagiarized sentence in his resume. The School Board President Regina Holley commented on the plagiarism revelation: “We will be talking with him about this to see what was his thinking in doing this, but we certainly are not supportive of any student or adult making that kind of error.”

Mr. Hamlet mentioned that he is “a transformational leader”, but that is a phrase lifted from Wikipedia, and that originally takes its roots from a Business Dictionary. So, the School Board decided to have a meeting with Mr. Hamlet, and give him a chance to clarify the situation. Mrs. Holley strongly believed that the School Board should find out more about the plagiarism in speech, and talk to an offender, as well as a lawyer to have a full due diligence as plagiarism is considered a serious violation of the school academic integrity, although the decision should be well-balanced.

One of the School Board members Kevin Carter wanted to support Anthony, saying that he is the best candidate for the School Principal position that is proved by many years of the effective management and his resume.

Summing It Up

Despite plagiarism, Anthony Hamlet did a lot of great things for the learning system improvement. One expert in dealing with plagiarism confirmed that sometimes when a person is under pressure and multi-tasks all the time, the unintentional plagiarism may take place. A resume is not considered as a public document, so this fact mitigates the accusations. After all, The Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers agreed on the School Board decision to retain Mr. Hamlet as withal his minor guilt, the students still would like to see him as their school Principal. So, Pittsburgh Public Schools Plagiarism Case is unusual, however the appointment after plagiarism revelation happened at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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