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After a full investigation, the current president of Mexico, Pena Nieto was accused of plagiarism in his undergraduate law thesis that he worked on in 1991. This accusation was found on a site of one journalist Carmen Aristegui. She posted information (a video and an article) about president’s plagiarism on her website Aristegui Noticias, identifying that about 197 of 682 paragraphs were copied from other famous historians’ works. This panamerican university plagiarism case is similar to another high-ranking person plagiarism scandal at the university of Alberta.

Carmen Aristegui, a Mexican journalist and a newsreader, and she is considered as one of the leading journalists. She mainly deals with the news of Mexican parliament. After her thorough investigation, she revealed Casa Blanca scandal saying that Mr. Nieto’s wife bought a luxury house from a government contractor.

Reaction of the Mexican Government

The government spokesman quickly reacted to the plagiarism accusations, and commented on president’s allegations. Eduardo Sanchez commented on Mr. Nieto’s paper, saying that those flaws are just “style errors”, and a president, as a former student followed all the rules and requirements to graduate university. The accusations of plagiarism could not be so strict, yet the whole sentences were lifted word-for-word.

A Possible Reason of Plagiarism

During his presidential campaign in 2011, he was also made mock of as he couldn’t enumerate the books that had a great impact on him, except for the Bible. He was not that interested in reading books while studying at the university, and that was a reason to call a president not the smartest one. Also, once Mr. Nieto gave speech at the international book festival, and he confused the names of the authors. The most intriguing detail is that he confused the name of the author whose work he used while writing his law thesis.

The Outcome for a Journalist

Carmen Aristegui was a journalist at the radio, until she lost her job. She published an investigation of a president and his wife, buying a luxury house too. The thing is that millions of dollars were mentioned in the government contracts according to which a house was going to be built. Sure, that didn’t take long, and Mrs. Aristegui was fired soon after the article was published. That could relate to some other reasons like the one the administrators of the radio stated: they fired Mrs. Aristegui because she was the one to have a certain connection to the platform where all citizens’ complaints regarding corruption could be submitted.

There are incidents when politicians were accused of plagiarism, so a plagiarism case with a Mexican president was not something outrageous, although that may be a disappointing  that unfair way of thinking that becomes a habit influences others by a destructive policy.

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