masconomet regional school plagiarism case
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Laurie Hodgdon, the Principal of Masconomet Regional School decided to quit soon after plagiarism was found in her work. She didn’t want to comment, yet apologized for not citing properly. “I need to apologize to the Masconomet community for the choices I made in not citing writing that was not my own,” it said. “As a leader, ownership and accountability is necessary in this instance. Thus, I resign as principal of Masconomet Regional High School effective Thursday, March 23, 2017.”

This resonated with parents as they considered Mrs. Hodgdon a great professional, and became very surprised when they got to know plagiarism allegations.

Mrs. Hodgdon started occupying the position of a school principal in 2013, and did a lot for school and around 1 188 students studying there. However, she wanted to forbid senior prom. That at the same time, evoked protesting parents reaction, and the School Committee criticized that decision.

Laurie’s Assistant, Peter Delani obtained her position after resignation. “Masconomet Regional School District is an amazing learning institution filled with passionate educators, supportive parents and engaged students. As a result, I have loved every day of being the principal of Masconomet Regional High School,” said Mrs. Hodgdon before resignation.

A Possible Reason for Plagiarism Accusation

In the Student Handbook 2016 – 2017 of Masconomet Regional School there is a paragraph “Consequences of Cheating” that defines measures to be taken in cases when students cheat and a teacher finds plagiarism in their work. Giving “0” mark, conduct comment, academic or social probation await a student in case he/she cheats. Yet, there are no notes of throwing the light on academic cheating of teachers, and that is embarrassing. Well, for sure a person who represents educational establishment can’t embody the one who violates academic integrity rules. However, there is no documentary evidence of the punishment for teachers in case they plagiarize. So, the most probable reason for Mrs. Hodgdon’s dismissal is her school policy during her tenure that some students and parents didn’t like.

Masconomet Regional School plagiarism case is very similar to Mrs. Andriotis’ plagiarism accusations case at Kean university.

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