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Katerina Andriotis, the university administrator does not work at Kean University after plagiarism was revealed in her report where 9 of 15 pages contain the sentences lifted up. Katerina Andriotis had been working at Kean University for already a year, and she had to compose a plan regarding students’ admission, recruiting, and retention. Soon after she presented it, James Castiglione, The Head of the Kean Federation of Teachers, complained about plagiarism found in Mrs. Andriotis’ report.

The plagiarism was found as there was no proper attribution. Her plan did contain the phrases from the documents of the University of Tennessee and the Center for the Study of College Student Retention. Also, word-for-word passages were found identical to “Parkland College Enrollment Management Model” where the strategies of the students’ enrollment are outlined.

However, the university officials didn’t comment on Mrs. Andriotis’ plagiarism case.

Katerina Andriotis Reaction to Accusations

“It saddens me that this oversight will be my legacy at Kean University when I worked very hard to contribute to the reaccreditation of the institution and the successful substantive change application for additional location in Wenzhou, China”, that is how she commented. Misses Katerina was upset after plagiarism revelation as she explained it only that she was very tired and could mix up the original sources of information with the  plan she had been drafting.

However, the university officials didn’t want to comment on the instance of plagiarism as it is rather a sensitive topic due to a number of plagiarism cases happening at Kean University. In 2014, Mr. Dawood Farahi, the president at Kean University, was accused of plagiarism in his resume. He was on the verge of dismissal, yet the Board of Trustees didn’t make final decision to fire him.

Anonymous Professor’s Opinion

An anonymous professor outlined the unfair decisions of the Management Board as they seemed to have “double standards”. Final decisions for plagiarism punishment of the president of the university Mr. Farahi and top administrator Mrs. Andriotis were different, although they equally violated academic integrity rules. Moreover, as it appeared later, the academic integrity policy was approved by the Board of Trustees, but didn’t contain the punishment for administrators or teachers, only students.

The absolutely intriguing situation is with Dr. Jeffrey Toney’s, the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, decision to to fire 9 of 10 highly-qualified faculty members who got negative recommendations. In fact, this act is nothing but a dysfunctioning of the academic processes in the institution.

The resignation of a top university official happened at Winona Area Public Schools where a superintendent resigned after plagiarism allegations regarding his “TL21”plan.

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