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Douglas Agbetsiafa, Indiana University professor, was fired soon after plagiarism in his scientific paper. Professor’s dismissal was a result of a thorough investigation made by university research officer, and he found plagiarized parts in Mr. Agbetsiafa’s research papers. The professor neither commented on the case, nor picked up the phone when university officials tried to call him. There could be no allegations arising, till another professor at Indiana University South Bend revealed plagiarism instances in Agbetsiafa’s academic papers.

The Professor Mark Fox’s Lawsuit

Mark Fox, Indiana University business professor found plagiarism in the article, that was written by Douglas Agbetsiafa and Peter Aghimien, and reported to the Research Integrity Office. At that time Shelley Bizila was the Head of the Research Integrity Office and she decided to pass the plagiarism case to Investigation Committee. When the investigation was fulfilled, the Investigation Committee spokesperson Margie Smith-Simmons concluded about plagiarism in the scientific article “Assessing Teaching Effectiveness in College Level and Accounting Courses Using Student Rating of Teaching”. The article was published in the “Journal of Current Research and Global Business”.  

Mr. Fox was so indifferent to the situation of the academic integrity rules violation that he even created a blog called “Douglas Agbetsiafa’s Wording”, and posted examples of plagiarism there. As it appeared, those scientific articles were the ones to contribute to receiving doctoral degree in economics. So, Mr. Agbetsiafa’s allegations were confirmed while Mr. Aghimien’s innocence was confirmed.

Retraction of Scientific Articles

Prof. Aghimien felt offended and filed a lawsuit against the accuser. Yet, the court couldn’t sustain a claim as plagiarism did take place, but it was not proven. So, Mark Fox couldn’t be accused of defamation, the Judge Michael G. Gotsch of St. Joseph Circuit Court stated. Also, defamation presupposes a mean element, and that was not found in prof. Aghimien’s lawsuit.

Several papers that contained plagiarism were retracted with the notice of removal: “This manuscript has been removed from publication” or “The manuscript has been removed from publication for violation of the Authorship and Originality Authorship”.

Indiana University South Bend Plagiarism Case is not the only one that caused accusations caused professor’s dismissal is not the only one, as violation of the academic integrity took place at the University of Nevada.

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