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Plagiarism at universities became a serious problem. Students often plagiarized while writing essays or diploma papers. Also, the students may plagiarize at the exam, that is considered as serious academic misconduct. It may become the reason for a student expulsion. Big plagiarism scandals may affect the reputation of the university.

A huge plagiarism scandal happened at Duke University in 2007. 34 students were involved  in plagiarism at the Duke’s School of Business.

Plagiarism was detected when a teacher found similar sentences in the students’ answers at the exam. The university investigated the final exam. After the investigation 34 students were accused in plagiarism. A lot of students were foreigners and they came to the country less than one year ago. Actually, they didn’t really know about a Code of Honor of the University.

The University made them admit their cheating, and all the students wrote their confession letters, but not all of them understood the reason for being accused in cheating.

Punishment at Duke University

The quantity of the plagiarized content influenced the degree of punishment. Nine students were expelled from the university. The first-year students lost almost $50,000 of their tuition fees. Also, 15 students got one year suspension. The other nine students received failing grades for the assignments but not at the exam.

Duke University’s officials didn’t disclose the name of a teacher who set an exam, and all the students’ names accused in plagiarism according to the Federal Privacy Laws.

Cheating Among Graduate Students

Speaking about cheating in universities, surveys showed that a plagiarism problem is widespread in the U.S. According to the last survey, made by professor of Rutgers University, 56% of business department graduate students plagiarized, 54% in engineering department, 48% in educational and 45% in legal department.

That is why Duke University is not the only one institution with such a high level of academic cheating. Many business schools in the USA, including Duke’s business school, have implemented new business ethic courses.

Possibly, such actions will allow universities to get rid of academic dishonesty or at least, reach the lowest level of academic misconduct.

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