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Approximately 130 high school students were caught plagiarizing homework. The incident was revealed before Thanksgiving Dayand resulted in Alamo Heights High School Plagiarism Scandal. The 90 freshmen obviously had lack of knowledge regarding plagiarism policy at the university. The rest 30 juniors just lifted information from Wikipedia without attribution in order to accomplish their home task.

Dr. Frank Alfaro commented on the situation saying that plagiarism was obvious as students used a lot of specific terms and their explanation in a way students of that young age couldn’t not do. The punishment for students was not strict, yet they were not allowed to take part in any extracurricular activities for three weeks. The punishment for students who admitted their misconduct, were deprived of participation for 2 weeks.

Students’ parents received a notification from school affirming that no transcripts or permanent records would not be written, and the assigned punishment for learners is enough.

Mixed Parents’ Reaction

Parents’ reaction to a mass plagiarism was rather dubious. Some parents were rather astonished that they got to know about plagiarism incident from their kids, not school. A mother of a freshman who plagiarized, secretly revealed the main reason for the academic misconduct. The thing was that students had to implement a number of questions regarding the book “Things Fall Apart”, and one of the peers found the answers online, and simply shared with others. This mom was not satisfied with school reaction, as her daughter got to know about punishment prior she received an e-mail. So, she commented “It was a big ordeal, but I think the response could have been a little bit quicker, and I think I should have heard about it from the school instead of the kids. I emailed the teacher back the day I got the email, and it took two days to get a response”.

Another parent Cynthia Rodriguez expressed a different position, saying that she was completely satisfied with the school reaction, they way they handled a situation on time. “I was well informed, so it was OK. I like the idea that the district sent out the email and the principal commented on it,” Cynthia said.

A similar grand plagiarism scandal happened in Florida where 100 students were caught lifting the original text.


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